My lifelong quest is to engage with people who are passionate about producing – and sharing – the best food and wine with others. An experience where food is not seen merely as ‘fuel’ and an alcoholic beverage is not simply consumed just to get ‘hammered’. Where I come from – and no matter how inconsequential the meal – eating and drinking is all about the senses, and made even more pleasurable when sharing with family and friends.

Many people do have the means to go out to a good restaurant for an expensive meal, but their experiences are often limited. Which is sad when you think about it – a lost opportunity. So many of us focus on the latest trend or drink the highest-rated wines to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, but that is not what it’s about. Have we lost the connection to what is important in the humble experience of sharing a meal paired with a nice bottle of wine? I sometimes think so!

Inexpensive wine can be the best wine in the world, while a Grand Cru may be insufferable if it’s paired with the wrong food; it’s all about what you eat it with, the context in which it is partaken, and with whom you share it! Enjoying wine and food is simple if you know how; it’s all in the approach. Savour and enjoy!

As an ‘Enjoyment Aficionado’ this is what I do; share my unique philosophy about how to get the BEST from food and wine by broadening peoples’ horizons. It’s also about training hospitality professionals to have more empathy with their customers, consulting with managers so they get the best out of their staff and helping business owners to build wine lists that will maximise not only their menus – and all of the hard work that goes into them – but their customers’ dining experience as well.

To enjoy yourself ruthlessly; there is no other way.

– Oliver Budack